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2. 主要特性:(Main characteristic)

● 产品设计为正极出线和负极出线(正极带兼容 MC4 公头,负极带兼容 MC4 母头)。 The junction boxes come with connectors on either positive pole and negative pole. 

● 此款接线盒采用 TO263 封装方式的贴片二极管和加厚、加大铜片,可以满足 18-25A 大电流的轻质、 柔性光伏组件使用。 This junction box adopts TO263 package patch diode and thickened and enlarged copper sheet, which can meet the use of lightweight and flexible PV module with high current of 18-25A. 

● 此款接线盒底部设计有硅胶隔离槽,确保打硅胶的时候硅胶不会外溢,使整个光伏组件更加美观。 There is a silicone isolation slot at the bottom of this junction box to ensure that the silica gel will not spill out when the silica gel is applied, making the whole PV module more beautiful. 

● 线缆的连接采用铆接方式,焊带的连接采用焊接。 The cable is connected by crimping , and the ribbon bands is connected by welding.

● 外壳具有强烈的抗老化、耐紫外线能力。With the capacity of age and UV-resistance. 

● 符合室外恶劣条件下的使用要求。The PV junction box can be used atrocious weather. 

● 符合最新认证标准 Meet new stand:IEC62790