Analysis on the development of new energy power generation in China in the new era

Under the severe situation of energy resource shortage and population density increasing continuously, the rational development and effective use of new energy determine people's life and development in the future. Starting from the basic point of energy security, China promotes the research and development of new energy technology, vigorously advocates the utilization of new energy and renewable resources, and promotes the high-quality development of economy through the adjustment of energy structure, so as to ensure the stability and sustainability of economic society.

Policies on new energy power generation

In view of the importance of new energy in the field of power generation, China has had a deep understanding and detailed research on it, and has issued many relevant supporting policies. New energy power generation has attracted a large number of foreign investment through opening up, at the same time, it has also introduced foreign advanced technology, management methods and experience to promote the efficiency of new energy power generation and the progress of new energy technology in China. At the same time, the tax policy also has a greater impact on new energy power generation. For new energy power generation projects, the government of our country gives tax preference of "three exemptions and three reductions". When R & D institutions study new energy power generation technology, our government will provide some financial subsidies for them. In addition, in order to support new energy development projects, especially new energy poverty alleviation projects, China has introduced credit preferential policies and support policies. For geothermal power generation technology projects and small wind power research and development projects, China's government has introduced low interest loan policies. From the above policies, it is not difficult to find that in promoting the development of new energy, the main purpose of the policies formulated by China is to encourage power generation enterprises to fully promote the progress of new energy technology and realize the transformation and development of new energy in China's power industry.

Comparative analysis of new energy technologies

Solar energy technology

Photovoltaic power generation system consists of photovoltaic modules, controllers, inverters, energy storage systems and other components. Batteries and components are its power source. By connecting the energy storage system, the purpose of storing and using solar energy can be further achieved. Different systems can also be selected effectively, according to the terminal of the control system to cooperate with the public power grid peak regulation. Solar energy is greatly affected by the weather, and its output fluctuates frequently. Therefore, according to the big data analysis, we need to make a plan for power generation in advance to ensure the safe and stable operation of the power grid.

Wind energy technology

The "Three North" area is an important wind power generation base in China, but due to the lack of local absorption capacity, large-scale long-distance transmission through the power grid is needed, which also brings some economic and technical problems. To carry out large-scale wind power generation, we need to face the problem of system peak regulation. However, at present, the peak valley difference in China is about 30%. Therefore, we should further improve the wind power generation technology, reduce costs and improve the efficiency of power generation. In addition, the development time of wind power projects is long, the cost is relatively high, and the market competition is not standardized, which has a certain impact on the application and promotion of wind power technology.

Nuclear energy technology

Nuclear energy is a clean and efficient new energy. However, due to its risks, we must attach great importance to the development and absorption of nuclear reactor technology. At the same time, the application of nuclear energy in China is too narrow. The United States, Japan and other developed countries are still far ahead in this technology. Therefore, China should actively participate in relevant international cooperative research and strive to improve the level of technological development with the minimum capital investment. In addition, there are great risks in the development of nuclear energy. In the application of nuclear energy, it is necessary to establish a perfect supervision mechanism to give full play to the value of nuclear energy and reduce its possible harm.

Problems in the development of new energy economy in the new era

With the government vigorously promoting the development of new energy, encouraging enterprises to develop new energy, and giving strong support in terms of funds and policies, a large number of enterprises swarmed in, some of them swarmed in, making use of the index of scalping projects for profit. The existence of these enterprises has greatly disrupted the normal competition order in the market, resulting in some enterprises competing for projects at high prices. At the same time, in order to meet the investment return required by the enterprises, the total contract price of the project will be lowered again, resulting in the decline of project construction quality, affecting the high-quality development of the whole market.

New energy is a kind of new economy of transformation and development, which has developed rapidly in recent years. The supporting system of new energy development management system lags behind, hindering the rapid development of new energy and the process of economic transformation and development. In the process of alternative use of new and old energy, due to the difference of production level and cost, improper connection and coordination will occur in the transitional period.

As for China's new energy power generation, important key equipment still needs to purchase imported parts, which means that China has not fully mastered the core technology of new energy production and is in the stage of digestion and absorption. Therefore, China is still unable to independently upgrade and innovate technology and even lead the development of new energy technology.

Suggestions for promoting the future development of new energy

We will actively promote the reform of electricity prices. Compared with the traditional thermal power, the stability of new energy power generation is relatively poor. If the price is the same, most users will choose thermal power first. Over time, the optimization and adjustment of new energy power structure will be affected. In view of the above situation, we should vigorously reform the electricity price. If users purchase new energy power, we can implement other preferential tax policies, and actively promote users and enterprises to vigorously use new energy.

The lag of subsidies for new energy projects is also a very important reason affecting the development of new energy, and the reform of renewable energy development fund is imminent. The electricity price subsidy of new energy power generation in China comes from the renewable energy development fund managed by the Ministry of finance