Xi Jinping witnessed the signing of Kou Wei. China and France will cooperate to develop renewable energy grid connection technology and energy storage technology

On November 6th, under the joint testimony of President Xi Jinping and French President Ma long, the chairman of the State Grid Corporation of China and Kou Wei, chairman and President of the French electric power company, signed a cooperation framework agreement in the Great Hall of the people in Beijing, marking a new stage of cooperation between the two sides and promoting a new step in energy cooperation between China and France.

The cooperation framework agreement signed by the company and EDF is an important achievement of in-depth cooperation in the energy field between China and France. The two sides will carry out cooperation in power grid business, scientific and technological research and development, energy Internet and energy services through joint demonstration project cooperation, technical seminars and thematic benchmarking. According to the agreement, the two sides will carry out cooperation in large power grid planning, helicopter line patrol, live work and distribution automation in the field of power transmission and distribution, renewable energy grid connection technology, energy storage technology, hybrid AC and DC power grid technology, electric vehicle technology and industry standard formulation in the field of innovation and research, and intelligence in the field of power Internet of things in general Cooperation in energy sensing technology, big data and cloud computing technology, blockchain technology, intelligent energy comprehensive services, data analysis and management, etc. The agreement signed by the two sides is specific in content and pragmatic in cooperation, laying a solid foundation for win-win development in the energy field of China and France.

EDF is a state-owned comprehensive multinational energy group in France, which has strong international competitiveness in the fields of nuclear energy, thermal energy, hydropower and renewable energy, and is one of the largest power supply providers in the world. The practical cooperation between the company and EDF is of positive significance to promote the development of energy industry in China and France, and to help accelerate the construction of "three types and two networks" world-class energy Internet enterprises.